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Powerless Before Death - | Download .mt2 |
Style: Classical
Released: 05/12/04
Description: Piano and Strings for a sad mood.

Chilling Rain - | Download .mt2 |
Style: Electronic Pop/Rock
Released: 05/07/24
Description: A chilled track to listen to in the background.

Hero Rise - | Download .mt2 |
Style: Chip
Released: 05/05/25
Description: One of my better chiptunes. Used in a school event once.

What's the Point - | Download .mt2 |
Style: Classical
Released: 06/05/31 (05/03/04)
Description: More piano and strings. I made this at a time when everything felt hopeless.

What's the Point (VST edit)- | Download .mp3 |
Style: Classical
Released: 05/12/04
Description: A edited verision using VSTs.

Sugarrush! Vacation! - | Download .mp3 |
Style: Dance
Released: 05/04/19
Description: A hyperactively happy song. Finnished when I had a short break from school.

Vi kör med smör - | Download .mp3 |
Style: House
Released: 06/05/31
Description: A housetrack with vocoded lyrics. It's in swedish and the lyrics go: "Vi kör med smör | och en robot-kör"

This is the best, I guess - | Download .mp3 |
Style: Synthpop
Released: 06/05/30
Description: I felt like doing a happy synthdriven song, so i did!

Quest Pack | Download .rar |
Style: Chip
Released: 06/06/06
Description: A pack of .MT2 trying to sound like a gamesoundtrack.